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Music---that medium which can so quickly and unexpectedly bring a shift in our emotions. We may cry or laugh, feel sudden peace or exhilaration, tap our feet, clap our hands, or simply close our eyes and be taken to another place. When experienced in the setting of worship, we rightly attribute these feelings to The Holy Spirit. The power in the voice of music is unmistakable. It helps fill the "God shaped hole" that is a part of each of us, sometimes reaching into the darkest and most remote places of our being.

Since its publication in 1994, Alleluia II has become a standard in the Cursillo community and in many other settings throughout Alabama and nationally. It has been a source of pleasure and inspiration to thousands and is much loved. Its songs can be heard not only at Cursillo events, but also in churches, camps, at weddings and funerals, and in many day to day unexpected places ----being sung, hummed or whistled----providing serendipitous links of friendship and smiles of recognition.

Although Alleluia III will replace its predecessor on the bookshelves, it will never replace it in the hearts of Godís people. Because of this, many of the beloved songs from Alleluia II have been retained, but many new ones have been added. These have come from numerous sources and most will be familiar. They have been very carefully screened and selected.

 It is our hope that in the years to come, this book will be not only a blessing and source of joy during the good times, but also a light in the darkness for those in desperate need---a bearer of Godís Amazing Grace. 


Cover art work by Lila Graves.